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Updated: Mar 27


UPDATED NOTICE- please note updated changes below as we negotiate better pricing

to cover rising product and shipping costs, while striving to improve shipping times, as well as new FDA regulations including BUD (best used by date) and 30 day expiration notices.

We wanted to keep our clients informed with the ever-changing guidelines for weight loss injectable medications. We have changed pharmacies for our Tirzepatide peptides and are using the same trusted pharmacy we receive our Semaglutide from for the reasons noted above.

**Medications now have a Best Used by Date (BUD)which you may go past and the product will still be ok and a 30 day expiration.

For those reasons we have adjusted ordering amounts, so your products do not expire.

If you do have expiring product, keep it cold, this product will not lose efficacy except in hot hot temperatures for extended periods of time

****Dosing however is different****

Keep in mind the vial (as always) are not filled to the top

Tirzepatide -(mixed with Carnitine which is clear)

and expiration will be 30 days

35 mg $935 dosing

70 mg $1600

15units = 2.5 mg

30 units =5mg

45 units = 7.5 mg

60 units= 10 mg

How many weeks per 35 mg vial :

35 mg at 5 mg-7 weeks

35 mg at 7.5 mg- 5 weeks

70 mg at 7.5 mg -9 weeks

70 mg at 10 mg- 7 weeks

Consider giving us a before and after photo and receive $50 discount off your next order (one per person) as well as receive afree B12/Lipo Lean injections for any referrals to our program- must come into office.

Moi Health and Wellness Team

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john murphy
john murphy
Mar 10

Love it !

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