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It's no secret that lighting up a room with an attractive smile is a huge confidence booster. Over the years, thousands of teeth whitening products and gimmicks have hit the shelves of drug stores all over the world and are being advertised by many popular celebrities on the internet.


But these products offer less than impressive results and can leave you with tooth sensitivity problems. Compared with over-the-counter teeth-whitening products, professional teeth whitening performed by a trained expert can lighten the color of your teeth without harming them! And results can be seen quickly - sometimes in as little as one treatment - but results vary. 

Teeth Whitening



Just about anyone is a candidate for teeth whitening or gems, so book your appointment today and start feeling your best!


Teeth Whitening: $179

Teeth Gems: $65

Looking to give your smile a Glow Up? Teeth gems are an easy and semi-permanent way to give your teeth a real shine!

Teeth Gems

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